Latest Updates

Cashless Catering

Our cashless catering system will be up and running from Monday 24th September 2018. Letters have been sent home with students today but please do contact us if you have any questions. ParentPay is also fully available to parents/carers.

Water Supply

A note to inform parents and carers of year 7 students: The school had some routine plumbing work completed at Midland House overnight (18th/19th September) and as a precaution we have asked our students not to drink water from the taps. We have had plenty of bottled spring water delivered this morning which is freely available for our students. We also have a chilled water dispenser available for students to fill up their own water bottles. Tap water is fine to use for washing hands etc. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

School bags:
This seems to have caused some confusion and hopefully we can add some clarity. School bags can be your preferred design i.e. a rucksack or shoulder bag but they should have minimal branding on them. A small logo is not an issue, however heavily branded products often lead to unnecessary “fashion-wars” and this isn’t our preference at the start of term. Students will have the option of a locker during their time at the school and bags can be stored there when not personally being carried.

The school will work with students during the first week of term in order to make applications for the “b_line” bus pass. As previously mentioned at the Evening Events, Arriva buses are offering a discounted weekly pass for students, these can be secured by visiting their website.

Due to parental requests, staff (a minimum of 2) from the school will meet students at the bus station during the first week of term, in order to walk to Midland House. Students are to meet beside bay number 1. They are to insist on seeing the member of staff’s ID card and obviously should not leave the bus station alone with any other adult. The staff will leave the bus station at 8:20pm promptly, in order to access school at an appropriate time. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact is by email at and we will endeavour to respond as quickly as possible.