All Pupils (excluding Sixth Form)

Derby Cathedral School uniform items are supplied by Simply Uniforms. Uniform can be ordered online, by telephone, or in person at their premises at: Unit 4, Peter Baines Industrial Park, Woods Lane, Derby DE22 3UD.

Telephone: 01332 515666
Website: http://simplyuniform.co.uk/derby-cathedral-school-269-c.asp

All students require the following items of uniform:

  • A Derby Cathedral School navy blue blazer embroidered with the school badge. This is available from Simply Uniform on Woods Lane
  • A white shirt / blouse with a top button fastening suitable for a tie. Please ensure the item can be appropriately tucked-in. These can be purchased from any appropriate retailer and are similarly available from Simply Uniform.
  • A Derby Cathedral School clip on tie, available from Simply Uniform.
  • A plain navy blue v-necked jumper (without logos) – this is optional during colder weather. This can be purchased from any acceptable retailer.
  • A charcoal grey pair of trousers or skirt. These must be of a professional cut – skinny fit / leggings / footless tights and such like are not permitted. The skirt must reach the top of the knee. These can be purchased from any appropriate retailer and are also available from Simply Uniform.
  • Black / navy blue socks or navy-blue tights (the same shade as the blazer). These can be purchased from any appropriate retailer.
  • Black shoes – boots and trainers are not permitted. During inclement weather boots can be worn for the journey to and from school, but normal footwear is to be worn during the school day. These can be purchased from any appropriate retailer. Footwear items should not bear branded logos / names.
  • Hijabs (if worn) are to be navy blue and of a shade matching the school blazer.


  • An embroidered Derby Cathedral School short- sleeved top, available from Simply Uniform
  • Navy blue shorts, without logo. These can be purchased from any appropriate retailer.
  • Navy blue jogging / tracksuit bottoms, without logos, are optional. These can be purchased from any appropriate retailer.

School Bag

These should be unbranded (both in terms of names and logos) and of an appropriate size for a range of school books to be carried in it.

Please note the following points:

  1. Haircuts must be appropriate to school; long hair is to be tied back / up during practical lessons such as Science / PE and technology.
  2. Haircuts should not be shaved or include patterns (commonly known as tramlines and suchlike).
  3. Jewellery should be kept to a minimum. One small signet ring is permitted, as is one pair of stud earrings, worn in the lobe of the ear only. No other piercings are permitted on health and safety grounds. Necklaces, if worn, should be discreet and not visible i.e. worn underneath the shirt / blouse.
  4. All students will be expected to wear a warm, waterproof coat during inclement weather. Denim jackets and camouflage items are not to be worn, neither are heavily branded / logoed items.

Derby Cathedral School Uniform