As an 11-19 years secondary free school with a curriculum specialism in Music with Mathematics, we will increase parental choice and diversity of provision in the Derby area while contributing both to solving a basic need problem and to lifting localised education standards.

Our curriculum model – based on the National Curriculum as a broad and balanced platform – will provide opportunities for pupils of all abilities and backgrounds to succeed.

However, the curriculum specialisms – which will be a key part of our vision – will represent a platform from which we will build high levels of personal development, well-being and achievement from Year 7 onwards. We will exploit the natural links between Music and Mathematics to raise achievement for all learners, encourage self-confidence and support cognitive development.

The examination options available to students at 16 will maintain breadth and balance and include both GCSEs and BTEC options. At post-16 level, while there will be a natural focus on subjects such as Music, Music Technology, Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Statistics, there will also be an appropriate mix of qualifications available including a range of A Levels in keeping with the Russell Group list of ‘facilitating subjects’ together with vocational choices.

State-of-the-art ICT and computing facilities will enable all pupils to gain full access to the curriculum. Continuous monitoring and assessment of the quality of teaching and each learner’s progress will maximise pupil progress, create a culture of continuous improvement and facilitate early intervention where needed.

We plan to appoint a full-time SENDCO to support the needs of any students who are identified as requiring support with their learning. The SENDCO will be a part of the senior leadership team at the school and will, therefore, work closely with the Headteacher to ensure the curriculum at the school is accessible for all students.

When they leave us, our students will have received an excellent education preparing them for higher education and employment.