To these four young men God gave knowledge and understanding of all kinds of literature and learning. 

Daniel  1:17

Welcome to Derby Cathedral School's Learning Resources Centre


At Derby Cathedral School, the Learning Resources Centre is literally and metaphorically the heart of the school. We aim to be a place which inspires, encourages and helps pupils with all aspects of school life.
We have a broad collection of non-fiction works that can be discovered through our library catalogue. 
Our Learning Resources Manager is Mrs C McCrory. She can be contacted by emailing or via the telephone 01332 325710.
Opening Times
Monday          Break and Lunch
Tuesday         Break and Lunch
Wednesday    Break and Lunch
Thursday        Break and Lunch

Reading Cloud

Reading Cloud is the school's library and learning resources catalogue. Through it, you can search for resources and books to help you with your studies, manage your library account, write your own reviews and build up a wealth of liked authors and reading lists.
To login to Reading Cloud, simply use your 4-digit barcode and enter your unique password.
For more information about what you can do in Reading Cloud, explore the help videos in the 'How To' guides section, under LRC.


The LRC runs a variety of clubs both during and after school.
Here are the clubs for the LRC September 22 - July 23.

LRC Clubs



After School





Board Games Club



Card Game Club

Knit, Stitch and Natter





Book Club




Card Game Club

Student Newspaper